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Gaurav Joshua Vaz

Mar. 29th, 2008

09:43 pm - The Raghu Dixit Project Tribe!

If you are not yet on the Raghu Dixit Project Tribe ... Trust me .. you are missing quite a bit!

Go right now and join the Raghu Dixit Project Tribe!

And if you have bought the album, don't forget to collect your free song!

09:27 am - I am the Indian Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year - 2008!

Last week, I applied for the ‘International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year - 2008‘ conducted by the British Council in India. This is an award that is given to people between 25 and 35 who are doing innovative stuff in the domain of music and entertainment in 10 countries that participate in this event.

I won the India leg of this event yesterday and the magnitude of this is still sinking in slowly! As winner, I get to travel to the UK in June and attend ‘London Calling‘ one of the biggest trade conferences for the global music industry. I also get to add one song from my country into the global IYME compilation. My choice for this is of course going to be ‘Gudugidya’, my favourite song from the Raghu Dixit Project album and one of the songs that I played for on the album.

Read my Acceptance Speech!

Mar. 19th, 2008

02:06 am - We hit mainstream yet?

There has been so much action on the band front and in so many directions, I get dizzy when I try to take stock!! But the latest development made me want to get back and make a post here!

Raghu got a chance to meet the Bachchans and sing to them and they loved the music a lot and have promised to help with promotions and suggestions! Now that is surely mainstream!!

Read more - http://theraghudixitproject.wordpress.com


Mar. 10th, 2008

10:51 pm - The partition!

I have finally given it enough thought and made up my mind enough to move from LJ to maintain my blog on my own site at http://gauravvaz.com

LJ was where I started over 5 years back and this blog has been largely a way to keep in touch and announce stuff to some very close people in my life. But then what I realized is that the blog has remained that way and I have never really 'Blogged' much.

I will now move my blogging over to 'My brand new blog' at http://gauravvaz.com/blog. I will continue to have my account here and will post updates and stuff that I want to keep you guys informed about here, but most of my writing will now move over there!

I will not delete anything from here and I have infact moved a few posts from here which I saw fit the new blog.

Do check it out at your convenience and let me know what you think of it.

Mar. 5th, 2008

11:51 am - We launched and we partied!

The last week has been crazy! and I mean ... seriously crazy!!

The band launched its album and the press went crazy and everything was moving in fast forward motion like there was no tomorrow .. Things have settled down a bit but not for long .. the album hits music stores across the country this weekend and from then on .. all hell breaks loose! A few people who did go online and order the album have been raving about it and have only good things to say so we are quite expectant for the mass verdict!

But this is about a little group of friends who traveled from far and wide and came to witness the launch of the album. At the very last minute, I called a bunch of close friends and invited them for the launch and quite a few of them turned up and the rest of them were present in spirit which made the launch one of the most memorable days in my life!

Its not everyday that one gets to launch a music album worldwide and be featured on national TV etc .. and when that day and that moment comes, you want everyone you love to be there ... well as many as can possibly make it atleast ...

A bunch of my friends could and did! and after the brilliant launch, we went to this wonderful place in Bandra called 'The Hawaiian Shack' and partied till they allowed us to! It was the most fun I have had in a long time and is something which won't go out of my mind any time soon ..

Thanks all you guys!! you made it special for me!

Do read Shilpa's take on the launch and the party on her brand new blog which is a super read!! (oh well ... so I am shamelessly promoting ... so what?!?)

Mar. 1st, 2008

04:45 pm - The Album is ON SALE!!

The day has finally arrived! the album is on sale! and for those of you who have waited along with us … and now can wait no longer … here it is!!

MusicYogi.com has started stocking and selling the album and everyone … HEAD THERE and get your copy! The first batch will run out soon … so get it NOW!!!

Click here to buy the album

Feb. 29th, 2008

08:20 am - The album is out!

It took a while coming, but its finally out ... The Raghu Dixit Project's first album was launched last week and will be in stores from tomorrow.

Check http://theraghudixitproject.wordpress.com for details ... I will post details about how to buy the album soon!

Feb. 26th, 2008

12:16 am - The album launches tomorrow

The Raghu Dixit Project Album is going to be launched tomorrow at the Bandra Fort Amphitheater at 6.30 PM. If you are in Bombay and would be interested in the music we make, please do come by and I promise you will love it!

The CD has already surfaced and people seem to love it! ;) So wait for it to hit your city and buy it and spread the music!

If you are in Bombay, send me a note and you can come watch the show!

Feb. 20th, 2008

07:25 pm - Capital with a capital 'D'

I will be in Delhi over the weekend and as usual there are TONS of things to do! most importantly

1. The Raghu Dixit Project will be playing at the Eastwind Festival on the 22nd of February. We are playing a fun tight set and you should definitely be there if you are anywhere in the vicinity!

2. I will be at Freed.in on Sunday for the lovely conference! for a non-techie like me ... attending a conference and looking forward to it is quite a rare thing! But this looks like a very interesting conference and you would be interested in getting there. Do come by for the RadioVeRVe talk on Sunday and say hi!

If you are interested in RadioVeRVe or Indian Independent music or just Internet Radio, this will be a good place for us to connect!

Feb. 15th, 2008

12:52 pm - Valentine's Day

This is from a year back, I was interviewed for a Valentine's Day special about things we love ... and I had to speak about my beloved guitars! This is my part of the article

"Agrees guitarist Gaurav Vaz, who recently spent upwards of a lakh on a new Warwick Streamer guitar. "It's like getting a friend for life. And the personality does affect your music. Because of the way it sounds, and because when you are familiar with a guitar and are comfortable with the string positions and distances and so on, it's easier to improvise because instinctively you know where what goes and what sounds you'll get." Of course, that process of getting accustomed isn't complete until one formally names one's cherished objects. Gaurav's latest guitar, for instance, is called Deborah , after the woman from the U.S. who paid for his guitar with her credit card and shipped it down to him even though she had only met him for three days.

And his first guitar is called Gretchen, which means "little black pearl" in German. The only other necessary thing for most of these men is the wife or girlfriend that understands that she has to share his love with other things in his life or even take a backseat occasionally."

The full article is at http://www.hindu.com/mp/2007/02/14/stories/2007021400220100.htm

This a picture of the beauty on duty!

Please note the lovely guitar strap made by the most beautiful of all my beauties ;) the lovely Shilpa Sequeira !!

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